Apr 11, 2007

Review Exchange & Link Swap

My review exchange or link swap campaign started in March had attracted some early attention among fellow blogger but activities have somewhat slowed down after the flurry of activities at the end of March where link love were generously being spread around and this blog got some serious technoarti ranking boost as a result.

Not wanting to let the momentumn continue its slide or fizzle out from the intial buzz created, I'm re-posting the opportunity and rules of the link swap again for the benefit of new readers.

Instead of asking for bloggers to review my blog and I in turn post a back link to theirs, I'll scour the internet for interesting blogs and give them a review here, for free! All I ask in return is for the blog owners, whose blogs I've reviewed, to give a link to this blog's home page with anchor text "earn money online" and link to this post using anchor text "review exchange" in their review post.

Your full review of this blog will be reciprocated but if you don’t want to do a full review, that’s fine, just post something like:

Betshopboy want to become a dot com mogul and earn money online, he is offering a review exchange campaign to swap links with fellow bloggers.

After posting your review, email me with the url of the post and your preferred anchor text, and I'll reciprocate accordingly.

I've realised early on the importance of backlinks, gathered from this blog's early experience. In my quest of scouring the net reading interesting blogs, I frequently come across postingof tips to get more backlinks. Besides the link exchange, another good way for blogger to make their blog more visible, and generate traffic is to submit their blog to free web directories. That was what I was doing the last 2 days. I've submitted my blog to be listed in the following web directories:

Finding Blog
My Blog 2U
Blog Hub
Blog Show off
E-Marketing Blogs
Globe of Blogs
World Top Blogs
Blog Search Engine

Blog Catalog
Blog Listing
Blog Directory
Romow Web Directory - Online Internet Marketing Center

I'm sure there are many more web directories out there, some free, some come with charges.
If you know of others which are not in the above list or know where to find more, please drop me a comment.


Anonymous said...

I would like a review, if you are still offering them.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I just gave you a return favorite on Technorati :)

Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

Hi! Thanks for adding me to your technorati favorites. I added you to my list too.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Found your site off the Million Dollar experiment. Faved!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Hey hi from downunder! IF you're free, you can review my humble not-so-outstanding blog! and I will gladly return the favour! =)

Sire said...

Hi Your review can be found HERE

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my site the last time around, i will have your site reviewed soon and return you a mail

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have written a list on my blog of other sites that offer links for reviews (in order of Page Rank). I thought you might be interested in adding yours or using the list to get some links from some high PR blogs. If its of use, maybe you would be kind enough to link to it on your blog. Thanks David

Anonymous said...

I've included your blog in the above list ( as per your requirements. If you would be so kind as to review our corporate website (, with the anchor text 'Tax Refund' it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

actually betshopboy, i happen to have a list here

Anonymous said...

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A said...

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And is a page where I make new experiment how to increase PR of my site by your link back and others.

Thank you for your offer!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these high PR links. HOpe we can link each other when i review your post.. see ya then..home equity loan

Anonymous said...


I have come across your link exchange page today and I have added your site on my post.

Appreciate if you can add a link back to me on your post.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this list, really good work. Keep it up.
Cheers !!