Oct 11, 2008

Review of Gadget Advisor

Due to technological advances in the electronics and semiconductor industries, there has been large increase in the production of gizmos and electronic gadgets over the last ten years. With more of such affordable electronic gadgets flooding the consumer markets across the world, this phenomenon in turn presents a proliferation of gadget review sites in the World Wide Web.

Gadget Advisor is a new website that offers resource for the best in gadget and tech news. Rather than presenting every bit of news from each day, Gadget Advisor focuses on the products and news that are the most significant, useful, and/or cool so that visitors can quickly view the top gadgets and tech news.

The reviewed items are hand-picked as a "best of the best" resource for computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news. Therefore, instead of visitors having to wade through pages of minor updates and other news that is not of interest, the top products and news items are solely presented.

There are five main categories listed as Gadgets, Tech News, Computer Hardware, Computer Software and Featured Articles.

For example, in the Gadgets category, visitors can read cutting edge reviews of network media player and universal remote control - a perfect solution to keep things under central control as we utilize more and more electronic devices in the digital home.

Another example can be seen in Tech News category, where visitors can get expert evaluation of online backup services.

Oct 8, 2008

Speed Linking Edition Contest

Ed Lau of ededition dot com is holding a contest giving away some fabulous prizes.

The Prizes

* Prize #1: A stripe ad for 1 month, which usually costs $250. This is the ad that appears at the top of the site. Sponsored by John Chow.
* Prize #2:A 125×125 ad (this is the box ad you see to the top right) on my site for 3 months, a 2GB USB Flash Drive from Gigabyte.
* Prize #3: Apple iPod Nano 2G Black 8GB. I was going to give this away a long time ago but forgot about it. Still brand new. Not as pretty as the new 4G Nano but still an 8GB iPod Nano. Also, a 2GB USB Flash Drive from Buffalo.
* Prize #4: A box DVD of the 1st season of one of my favorite TV shows How I Met Your Mother and a 4GB USB Flash Drive from Sony.

How to Enter

* Follow Ed on Twitter Everyone already following is already entered: 3 entries
* Blog about Ed's blog. Review my site. Blog about this contest…anything. Include a linkback: 5 entries
* Any comment in any post starting with this one. To avoid spam, only one comment per person, per post will be counted. Comments will only be counted for 24 hours after posting: 1 entry per comment.

Ed has not decided on the contest closing date but it won't be long before he made the drawing and pick the winners. So hurry along and get entered!

Oct 1, 2008

Rock Band Debut

The highly anticipated music game Rock Band has just been officially released here last week – 10 months after the US launch.

While Rock Band 2 on Xbox360 was launched in the US on September 14, music gamers here can only console themselves with the first version. Many expressed their surprise that Rock Band is launching here when the sequel is already out. So much for touting the small local market as the Digital Media Gateway of Asia.

Besides the parallel importers who have been bringing in the game since end of last year, Rock Band will have to compete with rival music game, Guitar Hero World Tour, which will be launched in the next few months.

Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero World Tour, so which game is better?

Here’s a video of Rock Band live demo at the recent Games Convention Asia 2008.