Nov 14, 2011

Smartphone Mom

The smartphone has became an invaluable tool. We use them in nearly every aspect of our lives whether it's for home, work, or school. Most of us have became attached to our phone all day long.

We use it for email, staying connected with family and friends, keeping our lives organized, finding our way around the city–nearly every part of our lives are touched by our smartphones. This nifty gadget also give rise to 'Smartphone Mom'.

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Oct 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

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The unexpected news came via my iPhone 3GS and soon my Twitter timeline was flooded with news of Steve Jobs death.

I never knew I could feel such a strong sense of loss for someone I don't know and have never met.

Here's a video showing an inspiring commencement address to Stanford University in 2005. "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish"

Our world will be less interesting, less exciting, and less meaningful without him.

Goodbye, Mr. Jobs. We will miss you so very much.

Sep 14, 2011

Stairway To Heaven

This video shows a climber's view going up a 1768 foot gided tower just to get to his "office" for work.

This is probably the most terrifying and most dangerous job in the entire world!

Sep 11, 2011

Beyond 9/11 - Portraits of Resilience

TIME in association with HBO presents the story of the 9/11 decade in the words of those who led us, moved us, and inspire us. See the faces and hear the stories of survivors, first responders, and others as they reflect on the events of 9/11 a decade later.

Sep 10, 2011

Whose Line Online

Fans of Drew Carey rejoice! Carey and his gang of mad-cap comedians Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, have gone online with "The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter!"

Now you can watch he complete US and UK series of Whose Line Is It Anyway? online for free! They are the funniest improv group known to man!

Sep 3, 2011

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds

An interesting video whether you are into fashion or not.

Aug 25, 2011

Carving The Mountains

Here is an interesting video of the LongBoard Girls Crew Carving The Mountain

Aug 15, 2011

Project RunThruSingapore

To celebrate Singapore's 46th year of Nation building, Steadi Productions had made a video showing an epic journey of a young man exploring the beauty of Singapore by running across the entire nation (in a day), passing through places that are new, old and even unexplored by Singaporeans.

The video shows many iconic places in Singapore and will be useful for foreign friends who want a glimpse of modern Singapore's landscape.

Aug 9, 2011

In A Heartbeat

Singapore celebrates its 46 years of Independence and here is a video of this year's National Day Parade theme song, titled "In A Heartbeat".

I have a dream of starting a life
I have a hope, a flame alight
This is the moment, freedom is calling
This is my start, a new beginning

I have a heart, it beats for you
A step at a time, our spirit renew
Living together under the sun
Our hearts will beat as one

In a heartbeat, I’ll be there for you
In a heartbeat, no one else will do
In a heartbeat, we will always be
Together, united; you and me

In a heartbeat, time has passed us by
In a heartbeat, we will reach the sky
In a heartbeat, this will always be
Our people, our country
This is our family

Nothing will stand in our way
We can be strong today
The flame is alive
This is our life

In a heartbeat, I’ll be there for you
In a heartbeat, no one else will do
In a heartbeat, we will always be
Together, united; you and me

In a heartbeat, time has passed us by
In a heartbeat, we will reach the sky
In a heartbeat, this will always be
Our people, our country
This is our family

Apr 3, 2011

Soccer Boy

The internet has uncovered a new wonder-kid footballing talent from Japan. A video of a “nine-year-old Japanese Messi” has gone viral, as people around the world are dazzled by this new talent who seems to be able to just skip around players with ease.

Watching the video though, you can see why the player is being compared to Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi as he shows amazing close control to dribble past opponents in a similar fashion to the pint-sized Argentine football wizard.

And here's a reminder of how amazing Lionel Messi is:

Mar 21, 2011

We Pray For Japan

On Friday, March 11, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated parts of northern Japan. Tens of thousands of lives had been lost, hundreds of thousands had been displaced, and Millions of people have been affected by the disaster, one way or another.

Our thoughts of prayers are with the people of Japan. Stay safe and stay strong Japan!

Mar 6, 2011

iPad 2

When the Apple iPad was announced in January 2010, sanitary jokes flowed fast and furious. But 15 millions units sold within 9-months in the year ended 2010, no one is laughing anymore. The iPad has became a blockbuster and truly the tablet of the year in 2010.

A year had gone by, and it is time for The iPad 2 to be released. Many of you would have already seen the video of the keynote announcement of iPad 2. For those who had missed the announcement, or do not want to watch the lengthy version (60+ mins long) of it, here's the iPad 2 official video.

If you are someone who won't buy into all these hype, you would enjoy this video unearthed by Conan O'Brien.

Feb 9, 2011

Super Bowl 2011 Commercials

Super Bowl 2011 coincided with the Chinese New Year long weekend and was the reason why this was posted a little delayed.

It's that time of the year and only time of the year that I'd enjoyed having commercials breaks on TV. But due to time difference, I always watched the Super Bowl commercials online, and have the time to enjoyed them and picked my favourites.

There was not one commercials that stood out this year, but my favourite this year has got to be the Darth Vader Kid, Volkswagen commercial.

But if you don't have the time to watch all 61 Super Bowl 2011 commercials, here's a video compilation of all 61 ads in a 2-mins video.

Feb 7, 2011

Chinese New Year Photos

The Lunar New Year is a time of colorful festivities and joyous celebrations for us Chinese. Here are some Histamatic prints I took from my iPhone during the Chinese New Year long weekend break.

Here's wishing all my friends a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rabbit!