Mar 21, 2011

We Pray For Japan

On Friday, March 11, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated parts of northern Japan. Tens of thousands of lives had been lost, hundreds of thousands had been displaced, and Millions of people have been affected by the disaster, one way or another.

Our thoughts of prayers are with the people of Japan. Stay safe and stay strong Japan!

Mar 6, 2011

iPad 2

When the Apple iPad was announced in January 2010, sanitary jokes flowed fast and furious. But 15 millions units sold within 9-months in the year ended 2010, no one is laughing anymore. The iPad has became a blockbuster and truly the tablet of the year in 2010.

A year had gone by, and it is time for The iPad 2 to be released. Many of you would have already seen the video of the keynote announcement of iPad 2. For those who had missed the announcement, or do not want to watch the lengthy version (60+ mins long) of it, here's the iPad 2 official video.

If you are someone who won't buy into all these hype, you would enjoy this video unearthed by Conan O'Brien.