Mar 31, 2007

AGLOCO is not "too good to be true"!

I became a AGLOCO member since March 20, 2007 and I'm glad to report (surprise even) that I've signed up my first downline. Make my fantasy come alive, join my AGLOCO network.

For potential AGLOCO earnings, refer to the Simmons Report.

An AGLOCO official's response to a member's concern that "AGLOCO sounds too good to be true. Why am I getting paid without putting anything into it?", goes like this:

"If being “too good” is our only problem, I think we’re in great shape!

It seems strange to “get something for nothing.” The truth is, you’re not getting something for nothing. You’re giving the Viewbar a small share of your computer monitor, which we (and apparently many advertisers) consider extremely valuable. You are also choosing us as your partner for commissions, referrals, and fees accumulated through everyday browsing. So, instead of some other middleman making this money, AGLOCO makes it. We win, you win, and the advertisers/companies win for getting your business

Some useful sites to get you started

AGLOCO company blog - latest developments posted here.

AGLOCO Top Gun - a list of top 10 AGLOCO referrals. This list serve as a motivation for memebrs as well as proof that people are building up their network.

Harold's - this blog did a 5 point anaylsis of the Simmons Report. Alert: Statistics intensive.

Alternate views about AGLOCO

It is my duty not to hide any alternate or negative views (that I know of) the online community had on AGLOCO. Here is a fairly negative article disputing the merit of AGLOCO. Read and make your own judgement.

Never too late to build

Latest news is that the viewbar is slated for release between 2nd - 16th April, so don't wait anymore. Join my AGLOCO network, and starts building yours!

Mar 30, 2007

Review Exchange with Jal Kel Daily Dot Com

Today I received a surprise in my gmail inbox. It was an email from Jason Neuman of "JAL KEL DAILY DOT COM", asking me if I'm interested in a review exchange. Interested? I feel more honoured to be invited by a blogger with a PR4 blog and technorati ranking so much higher than this humble blog.

The very first impression his blog gave me was it is very John Chow-resque! Maybe it was the picture of a red Ferrari spider at the top front of his blog, making it seems all too familiar, and his review exchange for link swap bear all the hallmarks of John Chow dot com. Even the title of his blog has a familiar ring to it.

I suspended my judgement and as I continue to read on, I found many useful articles which Jason posted are in fact very helpful for newbie like me, who just started monetizing my humble blog, hoping to make money online. Jason's unique style and personality actually shines through as I read more of his posts and get to know more about his profile and blog.

As Jason proclaimed, he was accepted as a Chitika associate which only accepts sites with minimum of 10,000 monthly page views as one of its criteria, and Jason achieved that feat in less than 2 months!

Any blog which can garner such awesome traffic is not only "not bad", it is totally exceptional!

Mar 29, 2007

They Got Me!

In a response to new technologies that have allowed cyber citizens to avoid government censorship efforts, China will tighten controls on internet blogs and webcasts.

The country's extensive Internet censorship system, dubbed the "Great Firewall of China" will combat the rising influence of the Internet as the President called for the medium to be "purified".

In response to this initaitive, media watchdog Reporters without Borders labels China's government an "enemy of the Internet".

Test your website here to see if it's censored in China.

They Got Me!!!

The Importance of BackLinks

Earning a link back from John Chow had provide a major Technorati rank booster and propelled this blog into another stratosphere!

A picture tells a thousand words.

This blog was ranked 2.9 million before the backlink

It jumped more than a million places to rank 1.8 million after the link!

Wow! Is that a super-charged turbo booster or what?

Mar 28, 2007

Swap links - Make Money online

Yes! Finally i got my long awaited linkback from the 142nd most popular blog on the Internet, after posting my review & re-review. It's about time baby!

The link to my review appears on "Make Money online - Batch 45" of John Chow dot com.

Now to see how my technorati ranking get a massive boost from here!

Mar 27, 2007

YouTube Award 2006

After five days of fervent ranking, the YouTube community selected 7 videos as the winners fr the first ever YouTube video award for 2006.

The awards go to:

"Stranded" for Best Comedy

"Hotness Prevails" for Best Commentary

"Ask a Ninja" for Best Series

"Say It's Possible" for Best Music Video

"Here It Goes Again" for Most Creative

"Free Hugs Campaign" for Most Inspirational

"Kiwi!" for Most Adorable


Mar 26, 2007

Free Blog review #1

My first free blog review goes to Kelly Cho, who's blog title is "Catching a Falling Star".
Kelly, who goes by Stargaz3r online because she likes looking at stars, is indeed a global citizen, with Japanese/Chinese blood flowing in her, born and bred in Brazil and now residing and working in Los Angeles, California.

I like her blog for being so neat and even with some ads on it, it gave me a clutter-free experience reading her blog. A very refreshing experience for me, considering tons of blogs out there are so cluttered and untidy, it gives me a headache just trying to read their posts!

Kelly started her blog way back in 2002 as a personal blog so that, in her own words "50 years from now, be able to see how I used to think". The blog was only turned public and monetized only recently (just like mine). She blogs about her pet subjects, travel & real estate, and of course, how to make money online.

Do drop by Kelly's blog and offer her a comment two. We blogger must support fellow blogger.

Unexpected Visitor

Master Chow had graced my humble blog and left his "footprint" as evidence in mybloglog's recent reader widget.

This is simply AWESOME! It's just so out of the blue, totally unexpected, that, that, that, I'm at a loss for words!

Is that a good omen? Is this blog gonna get some back link love from the master soon? I'm keeping my finger cross...

Mar 24, 2007

Re-review of John Chow's Blog

I posted my review of John Chow's make money online blog on 17 Mar and waited in anticipation for some back-link love rom the master, in the hope of giving this humble blog some technorati ranking boost.

I waited,and waited, "Review My Blog - Batch 36" came but didn't contain a link back to my review. OK, maybe the reviews of John's blog were coming in thick nd fast and backlogs were pile up high, I consoled myself.

Then batch 37, 38, 40 and now 41 came and went, but still no linkback to my review in any of the batches! To say I'm disappointed is definitely an understatement. I must have done something wrong. Did I not follow his review rules correctly? Could it be the anchor text I used were wrong?

I read and re-read my review but still unable to find out exactly where goes wrong. So I decided to try again to review his blog and hopefully this time I get it right and catch his "highness" attention and be awarded with some back-link love...

On his blog, John said he did not start his blog to make money, but look how far he'd arrived since it was started in September 2006. In a short February month alone, his blog income hit more than $7000! Just imagine what he can earn if he'd started his blog with making money on his mind!

John achieved all these by diversifying his sources of income, not putting all his eggs in one basket. Having different revenue sources ensures he'll not be over-reliant on any one source.

What's a money-making blog without an audience? John's maverick ramblings, coupled with his quality contents and insightful articles on making money online, helped him attract tons of unique visitor to his blog and it also manage to build up and retain a huge pool of loyal subscribers through his various clever marketing and customer-retention" programs like holding contests, rambling about his love for cars, and sharing his reviews for places that serve good food, just make sure you don't lear his habit of "playing with his food"!

Mar 22, 2007

Review your blog for free

I devour John Chow's blog for breakfast, lunch and dinner because I find many creative sides of him in his blog. One of his more clever vehicle which he pioneered is his call to the blogging community or anyone with a website to review his "make money online" blog and in turn, earn a link back to his subsequent blog posts, thereby boosting the reviewer's blog's technorati ranking! It's a brilliant "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" idea and it has proven to be a very successful campaign.

Having posted a review of his "make money online" blog in my last post, and while waiting anxiously for a link back on his bog, I've decided to jump on his wonderful idea, but implement it with a twist.

Instead of asking for bloggers to review my blog and I in turn post a back link to theirs, I'll scour the internet for interesting blogs and give them a review here, for free! All I ask in return is for the blog owners, whose blogs I've reviewed, to give a link to my blog's home page with anchor text "make money online" and link to this post using anchor text "free blog review" in their subsequent post.

Bloggers who want me to post a review of their blog here please leave your url in comment page or simply email me. I'll try to get in touch with you as soon as I possibly can.

Mar 17, 2007

Making money online the John Chow way

Ever since the inception of this blog in July 2006, I've kept absolutely ad-free, until now, that is.
Since becoming a regular reader of John Chow - he, the evil dot com mogul who managed to get his blog banned and unbanned from technorati and his posts got dug and buried in digg - my perception has been completely altered.

His 'monetized your blog' post had me sold. Needless to say, this blog's ad-free days are over. From now on, I'll incooperate Adsense ads and Auction ads into it and going all out to woo traffic to this blog. Not that I'm capable of doing that on my own.

This mini review of his make money online blog will earn me a free link back to his blog. Anyone who can make $7000 in a short month of Febuary is worth his salt and tagging onto his online popularity is definitely a good vehicle to start off!

Evil begets evil!

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Mar 13, 2007

Root Of All Evil Nintendo Wii contest

I am writing this post in order to enter Mr John Chow - the dot com mogul's - root of all evil Nintendo Wii contest. Why he call it "root of all evil" contest really beats me as Nintendo Wii is such a cutesy looking game console.

The Nintendo Wii is sponsored by, which make promotional pens.

Anyone with a blog, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or creed will be eligible for this contest as long as you write a post in your blog which meet all the linking requirements.

"One night stand" Lessons 101


Mar 8, 2007

What a Wonderful World!

The commonly known 7 ancient Wonders of the World were all man-made monuments, drawn up by the architect Philon of Byzantium over 2000 years ago.

Today, 6 of the 7 Wonders have long since gone, leaving The Giza pyramids of Egypt as the sole survivor. The rest of the list are:

A Swiss-Canadian film maker, Mr Bernard Weber, had founded project n7w, the first global online ballot to update (the people's choice of) the new 7 Wonders of the World.
Be part of history in the making, vote for the new 7 Wonders of the World!

The new 7 Wonders of the World will be announced during the official declaration ceremony in Lsibon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07

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The S.League has arrived

Tonight marks the first S.League match ever to be played in the new Jurong West stadium. The stadium is the new home ground of Gombak United FC. This photo shows the view from my master bedroom's bathroom's window!
The match was held up twice due to malfunction in one of the floodlights. It proved to be a bad omen as the host ended up losing 0-1 to Geylang United FC.
Free S.League matches have finally arrived, via my bathroom's window!

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iPhone killer

For those can't wait for the Apple iPhone, you can try out this "madeinchina" minione. As the Hokkien saying goes, "No fish, prawn also good!"

Mar 5, 2007

Surfing on Company Time

A local paper conducted an online survey on "Tech abuses at work", 100 people ranging from age 20 to 34 and from companies as diverse as manufacturing to IT to banking and finance, were surveyed. Here are the results for "Top 10 abuses at work":

1. Make personal call

2. Visit non work-related websites and forums

3. Send personal instant message

4. Send personal email messages

5. Print personal documents

6. Charge personal electronic devices

7. Photocopy personal documents

8. Browse YouTube

9. Update personal blog

10. Play computer games

I admit I'm guilty of indulging in several of the above-mentioned activities during office hours, using office resources, abeilt discreetly.

Any "free-loaders" over here? What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)? Are such abuses very prevalent in your office? Any other kind of abuses which are not listed here that you would like to share?

Hands up, if anyone here have not made a personal call on the office phone on company time. I'll let "he who is without sin cast the first stone".

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