Mar 26, 2007

Free Blog review #1

My first free blog review goes to Kelly Cho, who's blog title is "Catching a Falling Star".
Kelly, who goes by Stargaz3r online because she likes looking at stars, is indeed a global citizen, with Japanese/Chinese blood flowing in her, born and bred in Brazil and now residing and working in Los Angeles, California.

I like her blog for being so neat and even with some ads on it, it gave me a clutter-free experience reading her blog. A very refreshing experience for me, considering tons of blogs out there are so cluttered and untidy, it gives me a headache just trying to read their posts!

Kelly started her blog way back in 2002 as a personal blog so that, in her own words "50 years from now, be able to see how I used to think". The blog was only turned public and monetized only recently (just like mine). She blogs about her pet subjects, travel & real estate, and of course, how to make money online.

Do drop by Kelly's blog and offer her a comment two. We blogger must support fellow blogger.


Kelly Cho said...

Thanks for the review! I do try to keep it as clean as possible... but it's difficult with the 3-column layout... maybe it'll change in the future...