Mar 17, 2007

Making money online the John Chow way

Ever since the inception of this blog in July 2006, I've kept absolutely ad-free, until now, that is.
Since becoming a regular reader of John Chow - he, the evil dot com mogul who managed to get his blog banned and unbanned from technorati and his posts got dug and buried in digg - my perception has been completely altered.

His 'monetized your blog' post had me sold. Needless to say, this blog's ad-free days are over. From now on, I'll incooperate Adsense ads and Auction ads into it and going all out to woo traffic to this blog. Not that I'm capable of doing that on my own.

This mini review of his make money online blog will earn me a free link back to his blog. Anyone who can make $7000 in a short month of Febuary is worth his salt and tagging onto his online popularity is definitely a good vehicle to start off!

Evil begets evil!

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