Mar 31, 2007

AGLOCO is not "too good to be true"!

I became a AGLOCO member since March 20, 2007 and I'm glad to report (surprise even) that I've signed up my first downline. Make my fantasy come alive, join my AGLOCO network.

For potential AGLOCO earnings, refer to the Simmons Report.

An AGLOCO official's response to a member's concern that "AGLOCO sounds too good to be true. Why am I getting paid without putting anything into it?", goes like this:

"If being “too good” is our only problem, I think we’re in great shape!

It seems strange to “get something for nothing.” The truth is, you’re not getting something for nothing. You’re giving the Viewbar a small share of your computer monitor, which we (and apparently many advertisers) consider extremely valuable. You are also choosing us as your partner for commissions, referrals, and fees accumulated through everyday browsing. So, instead of some other middleman making this money, AGLOCO makes it. We win, you win, and the advertisers/companies win for getting your business

Some useful sites to get you started

AGLOCO company blog - latest developments posted here.

AGLOCO Top Gun - a list of top 10 AGLOCO referrals. This list serve as a motivation for memebrs as well as proof that people are building up their network.

Harold's - this blog did a 5 point anaylsis of the Simmons Report. Alert: Statistics intensive.

Alternate views about AGLOCO

It is my duty not to hide any alternate or negative views (that I know of) the online community had on AGLOCO. Here is a fairly negative article disputing the merit of AGLOCO. Read and make your own judgement.

Never too late to build

Latest news is that the viewbar is slated for release between 2nd - 16th April, so don't wait anymore. Join my AGLOCO network, and starts building yours!


Alcohol Rehab said...

This sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme. But hey, there's no harm in trying just as long as you don't end up with nothing, right?