Apr 1, 2007

Free Blog review #2

This "Free Blog review" campaign with reciprocal link swap, is catching on with bloggers as I've received a few review requests. It'll take me sometime to clear the backlog but it is a happy problem I'll gladly have, anytime.

Today, my free blog review adventure brings me to a beautiful blog titled "TERRI TERRI QUITE CONTRARY". To start with, the picture of big red hibiscus shouted out for attention, but what leaves a deep impression on me is the wonderfully taken photographs that were generously peppered throughout the blog, and coupled with the catchy and infectiously hum-able blog title that keeps repeating in my head the whole time I was reading the blog posts!

Another notable feature of this blog that I must mention, is the absence of online ads! It is totally ad-free! In these days of monetization, where anyone with an internet connection wants to make money online (there are millions of blogs out there cluttered with ads), Terri has defied convention and stayed true to the original spirit of blogging. For that I APPLAUD you.

Terri's blog is unique in that she blogs about her life, her work, her children, summer vacations, home improvement project (boy, I love those psychedelic colors!), and just about anything and everything under the sun. These are events only unique to her and her family, no one can copy (unlike the millions of copy-cat money-making tips readily available) , and no one can take that away from her.

Reading Terri's blog afforded me the sanity I seek in this near-total monetized world of blog.
I've add the links to her blog on my side bar, to remind myself to apply that balance, and also to remind myself what's most important in my life (my family of course).

Terri's blog is so much fun and indeed a breadth of fresh air. Wait no more, don't just base on hearsay from this review, see for yourself how Terri returns to the root of her ancestor! (Hint: picture tells a thousand words)


Reggie said...

Been reading her for months now. She is charming and funny.

wornoutwoman said...

I love her blog too! I'm glad you're now a fan of hers...she's great! Thanks for the great write up!

BetShopBoy said...

Hi reggie & wow, thanks for leaving your comments.

Terri is indeed a charming person, from reading her blog, I feel her life personify the great american dream.

Terri said...

Thanks for the rave review! I could get used to this kind of attention!