Apr 11, 2007

Technorati Favourites Exchange Experiment

If you thought my link swap campaign to boost my technorati ranking was evil, you thought wrong! This exercise appears juvenile when compared to what Maki is scheming over at Dosh Dosh where he started a Technorati Favourites Exchange experiment aiming to break into the top 100 favourite blogs in Technorati! Definitely EVIL!

I'm all for this type of "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" programmes where bloggers help out fellow bloggers. Needless to say, I've added to my Technorati Favourites, and will systematically exchange favorites with all the interested participants of this experiment. So wait no more, jump on this bandwagon and join in this unique experiment.

Here are the steps you can take to get started:

1. Participate by Exchanging Favorites
This is fastest way to join the exchange program. Favorite my blog by clicking Add to Technorati Favorites and then leave your Technorati username and a link to favourite your blog in the comment page. I'll add your blog to my Technorati favourites once I see the link in the comment page.

2. Get a Link Back.
Link to this blog post with your post about this Technorati Favorites Exchange experiment.

These are the steps you need to take:
Create a post on your blog announcing that you are exchanging Technorati favorites. Prominently include a link to this post to indicate that there is a Technorati favourites and link exchange exchange going on here. Similarly, leave the url of your post in the comment page and I'll do a link swap to your blog as soon as I possibly can.

By linking here, you’ll send your readers to participate in this experiment and when I link back to you, the readers of this blog can visit your blog to trade favorites with you as well.
This is a targeted two-way arrangement and allows us to share traffic and readers with each other, and trust me, this will add some serious turbo charged booster to our technorati rankings!
If you are not comfortable to leave any links in the comment page, feel free to email me anytime.


Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

You got Faved!

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EJ Cooksey

Valkrie ANGEL said...

Hi, have added yours, this is mine.


HtooSay said...

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HtooSay said...

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Christy said...

Okay this idea is absolutely brilliant! It just makes me sad that I never thought of it myself. Oh well. I will most definitely add you to my favorites and I will write about this post after my blogging holiday. Fantastic post!!!!

BetShopBoy said...

Hi all

thks for all the faves exchange, keep it coming, this is exhilarating!


Ray said...

I have just added you as my favourite, here is my my id:

Anonymous said...

I added you and the link to add me is on my home page.


mynameislina said...

Thanks for the add...I'll link you to my post too!!! :)

Unknown said...

You've been favorited. My username is rmiles7721 and the url is

Anonymous said...

Faved and backlinked.

I'm also running a link exchange at my blog from which I’ve linked you already.

I'll reciprocate favs and links with everyone who links or favs me!

I’m gvvaughan at techorati; please fav

Unknown said...

hi, i added your blog to my favorite on technorati
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Anonymous said...

I'm in and have added you as a fav. My username is Artsy07 Stop by at!

DaveOlson said...

I've added you to my favourites.

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Anonymous said...


What a great idea. My Technorati username is infohigh. Here's my link. I've faved you.

Anonymous said...

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Ginene said...

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Brendan Monaghan said...


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M said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I have added you to my Technorati Favorites.

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- Gaurav

Anonymous said...

you have been added (my id is "tanguy").

Add me to your Technorati Faves and I'll promptly exchange the fave (under the same conditions - no spam website).

ApOgEE said...

Hi Bet Shop Boy,
I have added your blog on my Technorati Favorites.
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Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL, you hv uncannily used the same phrase as i did when i wrote the post on TFX...

Hv favorited you on Technorati.

Have linked you on my blog - hope no issues...

You can favorite me too

Anonymous said...


I'm also offering Technorati favourites exchange and interested to become part of it. Could you put my link to your list?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have added your blog to my tech Favs.
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I have also linked back.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi! I am participating in doshdosh' technorati favorites experiment. I just fav'd and linked you. hope you fave and link me too. I'm at More power to you! Mabuhay!

Santhosh Koyilada said...

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Azhad said...

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I run a similar Technorati Favorites exchange program on my blog, Nukilan Jejari Azhad. I've included a link to your post and the list of blogs that are running Technorati Favorites exchange programs in my post.

Thank you.

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Popking said...

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Steve said...

I at one time did a lot of digging and favorite sharing with a site called 1rstlink but no one was very involved so I faded away from the service.

Even Sanchez said...

oohhh I hate tehnorati

mona said...

Technorati 4theWorld :D

asa said...

just do it !