Apr 4, 2007

Free Blog review - Batch 1

From today onwards, my "Free Blog Review" posting will undergo some changes. Instead of writing review to individual blog, I'll do mini review in batches of up to 5 blogs (max), depending on my sighting of interesting blogs in the blogosphere. The basic rules and objective of this campaign remains unchanged,

The reviews are as follows (not in order of preference):

  1. Dawayne of Dwayne's World had earlier dropped a comment in my post for a review exchange, I'm honoured to oblige, albeit a little belated. Dwayne blog about many different topics, but mainly about how to make money online, useful tips on how to write simple, effective post and how to keep the blogging fire burning can also be found.

    The poems that Dwayne posted brought much joy to my reading, my favourite being "RAIN". His blog is worth repeated visits base on the quality of his poems.

  2. Acquirewisdom is an interesting blog that focus on posting words of wisdom or inspirational quotes, like Leadership, Seizing Opportunity and Success, to name a few.
    The blog title with its short write ups already sets the tone of what is to come."Wisdom lies not in the amount of knowledge acquired but in the degree of its application. We only live once. But if we live properly, once is enough" Very meaningful, isn't it?
    In a nutshell, Acquirewisdom is indeed an acquired taste.
  3. BLOGGER LOUNGE is a relatively new blog that was started less than 2 months ago, but do not take its newness for its weakness as its popularity is evidence in the speed at which its Technorati ranking shot up overnight! BL touts itself as a place learn and share the latest trends, tips, strategies, for those willing to become part of a new breed of creatives and entrepreneurs.
    The most impressive feature that makes Blogger Lounge stands out is its uniquely designed logo and amazing icons! Its owner George C must be a damn fine web designer, although his background was not published in his profile page. He has just started a blog contest where the Top commentator will win (no prizes for guessing right)an amazing free logo design for his/her blog, by George of course!
    His blog post Top Blog Branding series teaches the essential basics of blog branding and one of the techniques is via unique design, which is his expertise! Blogger Lounge is one hell of a website for bloggers, new and seasoned, to learn, to contribute, and to participate!


Sam Chan said...

Hi chee wee,

I am very grateful to you for giving my blog such a great review. This is really very encouraging.

Thank you.

BetShopBoy said...

you are welcome Sam.

Your blog is indeed a unique one!

George C. said...

Hi there! thanks for the amazing review! I'll make a review of one of your articles soon! thanks!