Apr 29, 2007

My New Google PageRank

The long awaited Google pagerank update is finally underway, so what PR did this blog get?

This blog has been living in the shadow of PR zero(far too long) and had suffered in silence since it was monetized 1.5 months back. A PR zero is no good for any monetized blog, for a good PR ranking can open up many money making opportunities online. The long wait felt like forever and was excruciatingly painful, but thanks to Google, it was finally over!

My work for the last one month earned me a PR 2 ranking for this blog, again, a new milestone always serve as a reminder that more hard work can be expected for the long journey ahead.


Chris Merriman said...

I set my blog up last July, and went to a PR of 2 in the next Google update. It then stayed there until the last update, when I was overjoyed to see it jump to a 4.

Strange thing is I'd actually done LESS work than in previous inter-update sessions on getting backlinks!

(loose ;) ) Moral of the story? Work hard, don't be too dis-heartened if you don't see an immediate return on your work, oh and if possible diversify - don't put all your eggs in one basket. Good luck in climbing up on even higher.

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks man, appreciate you sharing your experience. I'll keep that in mind.