Apr 18, 2007

Predict PageRank contest and make money!

It's contest time once again but I'm not running one, yet. I'm referring to Kumiko's "Predict My PageRank" contest, where bloggers who correctly predicts her PR ranking (next update coming soon, so I hope I'm not too late to submit my prediction) stands the chance to win US$30 and the 'money-can't-buy' opportunity to write a post and get published on her site on any topic that the winner chooses.

Yes, it's Kumiko, that feisty lady from Tokyo who live in her own pinkish world and who is on a divine quest to make money online. She just got banned from Adsense but this small hiccup (it's not even a setback) has got her all fired up and her divine quest will not be stop! On the contrary, she's finding new money making opportunities in the face of adversityand I'm expecting her to go on and do better in her post-adsense days ahead. Kudos to her unflinching fighting spirit! BLOG ON!!

For her contest, Kumiko is daring anyone to submit a prediction of PRzero and I'm tempted to go along this line as no one had done it. My heart says go for the dare, but my head says her blog is way too good to be PRzero. In conculsion, I'm going with my head and make a un-calculated bold prediction that Kumiko's blog will attain a PR6 ranking! Yeah, she's that good!

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Kumiko said...

Thank you! That was a well written review.


BetShopBoy said...

Thank you! Glad you like it, appreciate if you could review my blog.

Hope I'm spot on with my prediction!