Apr 28, 2007

Mini Blog Reviews - Batch 2

In this second instalment of mini blog reviews, I'll review 3 blogs which I've come across. Not in random order, here goes my review:

Sarah over at "Somewhere Over the Debt - A girl's Journey to Make Money Online" started the blog to share her efforts of creating multiple streams of income and her journey towards being debt free. With her ninja marketing skills and web design skills, she had set out to make a living making money online so that she can be free to live life on her own terms and be in control of her finances.

The blog's header graphic depicts the blog title with 3 doves flying pass a 6-colors rainbow.
Why only 6 colors? Shouldn't a rainbow have 7 colors? Well, my best guess is that once Sarah becomes debt free from her online money making venture, the 7th colors will appear! Seeing this picture coupled with the title, reminds me of the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Sarah is a single mom, a graphic/wed designer, musician and online marketing ninja, all rolled into one beautiful package. She is available for freelance design projects like web design, blog design, print projects and so on. Visit her portfolio at Stellar Creative Studio.

Next up, we 'travel' to Malaysia to uncover some "hidden conspiracies".
There is nothing freaky about "Hidden Conspiracies", which is a blog started by a guy from a city called Miri, in Sarawak, to make money on the Internet. This blog is inspired by Darren Rowse at and is where he documents his journey to make money as a problogger and other various means to achieve his goal to be a millionaire before he reaches 30 years old.
most of the blog post are either about his journal and money making ideas. So, if you are interested to find out about making money online, please do stop by.

Our last stop for this mini review bring us to India, where a 17 year old boy will show us many tips and tricks of blogging via his blog, "I Blog - You Blog". I first stumble on this blog in March and got really interested with his blog post "Extremely effective way of blogging" where he posted a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots, of using voice recognition tool for blogging! What a cool idea!

I was very impressed by his strong knowledge in blogging, considering his tender age. His blog is ads-free, a rare find nowadays, where every blogs in the blogosphere seems to be monetized.
He is in the process of changing his blog to a new template and he had promised his new template, when completed, will be damn sexy. Check it out for yourself and prepare to be impress.


Chee Kui said...

Thanks for the review ;) Lemme return the favor, gimme some time, aye?

Jason said...

Thank you so much. Not many people appreciate others like you do. See you around. BTW, your blog is great.