Apr 2, 2007

Progress @ Q1

In the corporate world, public listed companies are accountable to shareholders for thier financial performances, and one way to announce their figures is through the annual report.

As my blog is also a public property, I've a duty towards my readers who are my stakeholders, and short of holding an AGM or publishing an annual report, I'll publish quarterly report of this blog's progress here.

March has been a hectic month for me on the blogging front, with a record 18 posts published in March. Ever since i started monetization of this blog, i have to start "growing up" in a fast-forward mode, with a steep learning curve as my constant companion.

I entered into a "attract online traffic at all cost" phase and put in a solid 3 hours every week-nights for this purpose. Fortunately, i'm glad to report, I've achieved some minute result in improving my technorati ranking. Before monetization, this blog was ranked 2.9 million with zero links, but by end of March, there were 4 other blogs linked to here and my technorati ranking hit below the 1 million mark. This ranking position is nothing to crow about really, but the speed and the huge jump over the last 3 weeks was phenomenal.

It gave me such motivation to work harder, and most importantly, it shows that if I put my heart and soul into it, with hardwork and focused dedication, I actually can make this work!
One of the project I started was "Free Blog Review" where I will scour the net for interesting blogs and do reviews of those blogs for free, in return for a review exchange or link swap (no free lunch in this world, ok?). Being a newbie in this business, I realise early on that I cannot sit here expecting traffic to just flow in. I've to go out there, do all the 'ground work' in order to create awareness of my existence in the blogsphere.

This post is as much a progress report as is a self reminder that this is only the begining of the journey and I've still got a long and arduous road ahead. Having said that, it is important to recognise that online success is never garaunteed.

I sure as hell got lots to learn, i've not even earn my first dollar from this blog after all the hours put in, but with the friends I've made and the stuffs I've learnt, the journey thus far is worth every single minute i've invested. I hope I have the chance to incorporate my earnings report by the time Q2 comes around.

Last but not least, I want to thank all my subscribers, my readers and all those who have supported and linked to this blog. Keep those comments, feedbacks and/or critics coming in! BLOG ON!!!