Apr 14, 2007

Technorati Favourites Exchange Experiment (Update #1)

3 days after posting the Technorat Favourites Exchange experiment, I've been favourited by 28 members and received link love booster all round!

The success of this project is never in doubt from the word go. The speed in which the project took off (I have no way to verify but based on the 'faves' received, I would like to think it i spreading like wildfire in the blogosphere), and the spillover effect it had on the technorati rankings (courtsey of link love booster) of all participatig blogs must be quite AWESOME!

There is NO STOPPING the unrelentless charge of this Technorati 'train' and as the saying goes', "a rolling stone gathers no moss", so wait no more, jump on the bandwagon and start giving and collecting your Technorati Favourites by clicking Add to Technorati Favorites

Posted below is a list of blogs that had exchanged faves with me and I'm linking them back, as promised and as my way to say thank you. Those blogs not link here at press time, I seek your kind patience and it will be updated soon. These links also act as a one-stop resource for new project member to kick-start your Technorati train.

EJ Cooksey
JAMEO TIPS - Valkrie Angles
Quasi fictional
foreignpersepctive - arnold
Christyscoffeebreak - Christy Z
Sexy in Red - Norlina
Home Based Business - Brian Pratt
millionnzdollars - Rob St. George
Brown Thoughts - Ariel Garcia
Money Conciousness - Nenad
Ant3eye - Anthony Tripodi
Shadowscope - Richard Miles
Beyong the gas
Fortune Watch - Robin Bal
The Sports Trader - Ray Atkins
Necessary Skills - Peter Haslam
smemon's blog - sean
digitalphocus - brendan
Manila Mom - Maia Jose
smartwealthyrich - Jonathan
Thoughts on the World - Simmons
Life In the Fast Lane - Deborah Petersen
the anitokid chronikos

Local Lingo
Planet Apex
Somewhereoverthedebt - Sarah
tech lock - rahul
Our Journey - Cynthia
Sharing Everything in Life
The Frugal Momma
Filipino Entrepreneur
Show Me The Money - Gerri
Diet Recipe For Everyday - Cherry
Technacular - Vikas
Ordinary Folk - Mike
My head's Angol - Wanah
Sleeping Princess
Our Journey
Earn Money on the Web - Kent
Spark Minute - David Spark
Making Money through Internet
Blogs et IE
Techno Freak
Enkay Blog
Earn Money Online
40s Singleness - Lisa

 technorati favourites


Lisa Knight said...

I'll get a permanent link up in a few, got ya in the favorites already! Linky Lovin!!!

BetShopBoy said...

hi lisa

thanks for your faves.

you didn't post your fave link in your comment.

can you post your fave link, so that i can fave you?

The Great Swifty said...

Faved you.

user name: eswiftfire

Add to Technorati Favorites

Sharique said...

I have added you to my fav and also mentioned in the post. Please do the same :)

Free Web Design Tips said...

Hi there! You’re now in my Techno-Favorites! Please favorite me: Favorite Klamath Design

Here’s the link to My Favorites Exchange. I hope to see you there.

tanguy said...

Hi there,
just add you on my fave link list
chek out
will you return the link fave ?

Gayla McCord said...

I’ve added you to my faves as well as some of your visitors. Great to see this movement taking such a strong hold.

My fave link is:

zz said...

hello there: added you to my faves: itis your turn. thanks. see below:

TJantunen said...

I just faved you. My username is noviisi and here is my link

Aki said...


I'v already faved you on my technorati, and added you in my list too.


Wanah said...


Thanks for the fave! I fave'd you and put your link on my list too. hope you'll put my link up there too.Here's my url

sy said...

I've faved you, fave my blog too :)

This is my link:

Susan Borgas said...

I have added you to my favourites. You are quite welcome to come across and add your site to my "Garry and Dosh Dosh's Technorati Favourite's List" thread at my blog. The address for this post is

revvi said...


I faved you and already included your exchange in my blog too.

Anyone please fave me by clicking this link:

cyn said...

I've faved you:

This is my link:

Jason Roberts said...

Thanks for adding me BSB, I’ve added you to my favorites as well as jrob00

Thanks for listing my exchange above.

Javier said...

Hey there! I added your blog to my faves on Technorati! If you can spare the time to do the same, I'll greatly appreciate it! :) Thanks a lot!

Username: jutendouji

And the URL to my blogpost (if you can add me to your list):

Thanks again!

The Outsider's View -

Gdog said...

Hi everyone, it's Gdog from The Daily Kimchi and I'm here to board the Technorati link train with the rest of you!

I've added all of you to my favorites, I hope you will return the favor! Cheers!

Add The Daily Kimchi to your favorites here!!!

Merkal said...

Hey! I ve just added you to my favorite links. Please do the same for me. Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day!

Culture Shiok! said...

I've favorited your blog already!
But it's not working!

You can favorite mine first, I'm using a program to favorite those favorited me!

Here's mine!

gilda said...

thanks for your email.
sorry i took eons to reply; i had tons of other emails!!
i've favorited your blog.
my link's

cowboytf said...

Hi there...I added you to my favs!! If you'll do the same it'll be much appreciated.

A Cowboy's Wife

Chris said...

You've been faved! I'll fave more of your visitors as well. Thanks!

Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites

Sheena said...

I'm aboard now!

ladynred said...

Faved you!
here's mine:
Thank you!

Sherri Caldwell - The Rebel Housewife said...

Thanks for your email about this -- checked you out, love your blog. I'm a Technorati newbie, but I do have it and I faved you. I've been using StumbleUpon a lot, which seems to do great things.

My fave link would be my own (?) at I also love -- Digg for Home & Family (non-techies & low-techies).

I will look through the list here in comments and find some more faves.

Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

Hi. I've already faved your blog. ^_^

Mine's thanks!

Ann said...

I have added you to my technorati favorites (user name amborg)and also added your link to my blog.

Susan S. said...

I've added you!

Best Wishes,

Creator of

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have favorited you, my friend. Here is mine.

Add to Technorati Favorites

I'm trying to find out who is in charge of the DoFollow Blogroll. If you don't hear from me in a few days, please remind me.

Augel said...

Hi there!

I have already favorited you at Technorati. Please do the same for me here -->


Tricia said...


I have favorited you at technorati. Here's my link

Thank you!

RKC said...


I have added you to my favorites on Technorati.

Please do the same for me:

steve said...

enjoyed your blog. just added you to my faves.....
my username is stevespeirs and web site is



Kuanyin said... can add all my blogs to your fav's if you want, but if you only want to add one, that's ok! :-)I have faved you in return!

Here's the list: