Apr 15, 2007

Free Blog review #4

The fourth installment of my free blog review campaign brings us to a blog touted as "observations of an aspiring internet marketeer" hosted by Mr Gary Lee who is a self-confessed Apple Whore!

Gary Lee lives in Southern California and currently work from home consulting a number businesses to drive more traffic to their site and also how to monetize that traffic wisely.

Similar to my Review Exchange campign started in March, Gary is offering a linkback promotion for reviewing his blog. So here I am, taking up his reciprocal offer. Gary's blog, only 2 months young, offers many useful 'need-to-know' online marketing news and tips, as well as blog monetization secrets and tricks.

Gary's blog is not all business. Besides offering tips on how to make money online, Gary also blogs about his love for Apple products and his gastronomical experiences. If you get tired reading the tons of marketing and blogging tips, and Apple gadgets do not happen to be your 'poison', then take a stroll down memory lane with Gary or hop over to read about his travelogue.

In conclusion, "observations of an aspiring internet marketeer" is a dynamic blog with future PR6 potential that offer its readers different topics to satify different segments of readers. Invest your time in this young blog, and you will be rewarded with riches in your knowledge!

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