Apr 9, 2007

Free Blog review #3

The celebration and holidays are over, it's back to another week of free blog review again.
To start off the week, my blog review takes me to a fabulous blog that I wanted to do some time ago but only got down to doing it now.

I'm referring to Christy's Coffee Break! It's header introduces the blog as "great contest every month" but in my opinion, Christy's Coffee Break had much more substance than just mere contests. Besides those contests, Christy's blog focus on "A Coffee Break Review" where she reviewed products, services, and companies. She also blog about her own experience of making money online, post constant stream of interesting articles here and here, and if those do not cut it with you, then Christy's 5 quick tips on becoming a better blogger is a must read for all newbie, like me.

As a fellow blogger, I draw valuable lessons from Christy's blog, one of which is to
both in contents as well as revenue sources. One can never go wrong.

Visiting Christy's Coffee Break never fails to give me the relaxing feeling of having my coffee in a cafe, flipping the magazines and simply watching the wold pass by.

And if one coffee break review is not enough for you, Christy actually authors 3 other blogs (where and how she find the time really puzzles me) and they are The Reviewer, where products, companies, services, and web sites are reviewed, for business owners' who like a review of their companies, products or websites, and also for consumers who wish to post their review or experience in a company, product or service.

The next blog is titled "A Hint of Poetry", it is a site about poetry and writing. You will find poetry from around the world, poetry contests, and great writing advice. You are welcome to submit your own poetry for review and possible publication on the site. See the submission guidelines for more information.

The fourth blog that Christy authored is a fun blog for kids, titled "Just For Kids (and their parents!)". Just For Kids has great links to children's websites and great articles for parents to enjoy. Christy had callaboarated with Ezine Articles to provide useful articles for parents as well as for kids to help them in their growing up years. Kids can send in their drawings, pictures, and poetry for a chance to be published on Just For Kids. Find out more by reading "Send In Your Work."

There you have it, this free blog review of mine actually consist of 4 mini reviews all authored by the multi-talented Christy Zutautas. Be sure to drop by Christy's "cafe" for a coffee break...


Christy said...

Thank you so much, that is so nice, and I appreciate it very much! :)