Apr 28, 2007

Get free linkback from PR5 blog

Blogging Secret is a blog that helps you make money online. The owner is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

To get a free link back from this PR5 blog, blogger must review his blog with a minimum 200 words post. That is quite unfair considering he just link back to the blog post of the review on one of his post without reciprocating by doing a review. But who the hell am I to judge what's fair and what's not? Since his PR ranking is higher than mine, technorati ranking higher than mine and earning real money from his blog, I need his link love!

The blog owner, Louis Lim, is an undergraduate student in Bachelor Of Business Administration(hons) at University Tunku Abdul Rahman. He professed to be a Malaysian Full-Time Blogger. Looks like this brudder from across the Causeway had discovered the secret to becoming a six-figure-income blogger. Is he a full time blogger or a full time student? That I'm not sure but the English used on his blog posts is very localised and at time funny. International readers may not be able to decipher some of his local jokes.

This blog is using 3 column kubrick theme now and to be honest, i find the info on the sidebar layout very uneven to the point of being messy. I can't imagine how it will look if Louis started using the 4 column kubrick theme!


LOUI$$ said...

Thanks guy, you point me out. I just enhance some new feather last nite, I will change the theme color and some adjustment in the sidebar. I link you now.

BetShopBoy said...

Thanks Louis!