Sep 16, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops

The best-selling video game in 2009 was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and with the huge global success of MW2, the Call of Duty franchise has become a brand name for first-person shooters.

The seventh instalment of the COD series is "Call of Duty Black Ops" and will be released in November 2010. The AWESOMENESS continues!

Here's the teaser trailer to whet your FPS gaming appetite.

This is the World premier uncut trailer:

Sep 13, 2010

Body Counts For 'The Expendables'

The movie 'The Expendables' starred past and present action-film stars who thought of nothing for the kills they made in their respective movies.

Have a look at the actors involved and their body counts from all their earlier movies to see who the deadliest cast member is from this lot of adrenaline junkies.

Expendables Count
Via: Term Life Insurance