Mar 24, 2007

Re-review of John Chow's Blog

I posted my review of John Chow's make money online blog on 17 Mar and waited in anticipation for some back-link love rom the master, in the hope of giving this humble blog some technorati ranking boost.

I waited,and waited, "Review My Blog - Batch 36" came but didn't contain a link back to my review. OK, maybe the reviews of John's blog were coming in thick nd fast and backlogs were pile up high, I consoled myself.

Then batch 37, 38, 40 and now 41 came and went, but still no linkback to my review in any of the batches! To say I'm disappointed is definitely an understatement. I must have done something wrong. Did I not follow his review rules correctly? Could it be the anchor text I used were wrong?

I read and re-read my review but still unable to find out exactly where goes wrong. So I decided to try again to review his blog and hopefully this time I get it right and catch his "highness" attention and be awarded with some back-link love...

On his blog, John said he did not start his blog to make money, but look how far he'd arrived since it was started in September 2006. In a short February month alone, his blog income hit more than $7000! Just imagine what he can earn if he'd started his blog with making money on his mind!

John achieved all these by diversifying his sources of income, not putting all his eggs in one basket. Having different revenue sources ensures he'll not be over-reliant on any one source.

What's a money-making blog without an audience? John's maverick ramblings, coupled with his quality contents and insightful articles on making money online, helped him attract tons of unique visitor to his blog and it also manage to build up and retain a huge pool of loyal subscribers through his various clever marketing and customer-retention" programs like holding contests, rambling about his love for cars, and sharing his reviews for places that serve good food, just make sure you don't lear his habit of "playing with his food"!