Mar 30, 2007

Review Exchange with Jal Kel Daily Dot Com

Today I received a surprise in my gmail inbox. It was an email from Jason Neuman of "JAL KEL DAILY DOT COM", asking me if I'm interested in a review exchange. Interested? I feel more honoured to be invited by a blogger with a PR4 blog and technorati ranking so much higher than this humble blog.

The very first impression his blog gave me was it is very John Chow-resque! Maybe it was the picture of a red Ferrari spider at the top front of his blog, making it seems all too familiar, and his review exchange for link swap bear all the hallmarks of John Chow dot com. Even the title of his blog has a familiar ring to it.

I suspended my judgement and as I continue to read on, I found many useful articles which Jason posted are in fact very helpful for newbie like me, who just started monetizing my humble blog, hoping to make money online. Jason's unique style and personality actually shines through as I read more of his posts and get to know more about his profile and blog.

As Jason proclaimed, he was accepted as a Chitika associate which only accepts sites with minimum of 10,000 monthly page views as one of its criteria, and Jason achieved that feat in less than 2 months!

Any blog which can garner such awesome traffic is not only "not bad", it is totally exceptional!


Jason Neuman said...

Great review and I have returned the favor on batch 6

Anonymous said...

Good review, You can write a review about my site if you would like. I have already added you to my favorites

BetShopBoy said...

thanks dwayne

give me some time, i'll be in touc with you.