May 10, 2008

I'm Going To Be This Rich!

Ever wonder how rich you will be in 10 years' time? There is not a day that passes by without me dreaming of becoming a millionaire!

Now there is a new website that can tell How Rich Will I Be in the next 10 years and the ensuing result was very pleasing indeed.


How much money will you be worth?

Take the short test and find out how rich you are going to be in the next 10 years. For goodness sake, take the test and the result with a big pinch of salt, will ya?


Wholesale Clothing Distributors said...

It is not impossible but may be after 10 years that amount money can't make you to think that you are rich...LOL.

How to Blog said...

I live life today. I believe I'd be richer in 10 years or so. I;m just not sure by how much.

Roberto said...

Funny quiz -- I got $12,770,666. But I have to say, I don't believe it!

Kristian Liebrand said...

Becoming rich in 10years is not a joke. It takes lot of time and also the works is very important.

Andris said...

Yeah..might b possible...requires loads of hard work..huh..Richie rich's day out!!