Jul 29, 2008

Create Your Free Blog At

I started blogging two and a half years ago and went through a pretty long and steep learning curve as blogging tools were not as intuitive back then as currently available.

Blogging is not only about writing and sharing your thoughts online. Other than writing, blogging constitute a chain of activities which includes Internet marketing, promoting, networking and basic HTML coding. If we don’t work on the social aspect of blogging, then most of us will be writing in a vacuum and our most likely readers will be our mothers and our cats!

Speaking from my personal experience, I joined many different social networks and actively participate in the community to establish my presence in the World Wide Web. If only there was a free blogging platform with a built-in social networking community back when I started, my learning curve would not be so steep and time consuming.

A new site still in beta, enables its users to create Free Blog with unlimited bandwidth to upload and share photos, videos, music files and podcasts.
What makes different from other blog platforms, and in my opinion a very important feature especially for newbie bloggers, is the interaction that takes place in their community.

At, you will have an instant audience, commenting, discussing and rating your postings. This feature is essential to keep the ‘fire’ burning and lessen the learning curve in our blogging endeavor. free blog system has been developed to make blogging as simple as possible and HTML skills are not required, but at the same time you decide for each blog post if you want it to be public, private, or only viewable by your friends and family Are you ready to share your thoughts?