Sep 25, 2008

Racing Themed Food & Beverages

As the hype to the inaugural FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix gets build to feverish pitch, the food and beverage scene is cashing in on the Formula One fever. Eateries along the circuit and trackside hotels are offering exclusive F1 menus and champagne-paired meals. Cocktails with race-themed names such as Pit Stop, Crash and Burn, and Chequered Flag have been concocted.

Bakeries, coffee joints and ice cream parlors are doing their part with special offerings in this Grand Prix season, Home-grown bakery chain has come up with Ferrari-inspired bun like Ferraberri, Haagen-Dazs is offering aptly named desserts such as Berries Drift and Brownie Lap, and coffee addicts can enjoy the Speed Race, a drink offered by The Coffee Connoisseur chain.

Royal Plaza hotel has pole position when it comes to making the most of F1 excitement. It has a life-sized chocolate race car parked in its lobby!


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