Jun 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Today the world of pop music mourns the passing of a legendary musical genius, Michael Joseph Jackson.

He, of the one-gloved hand, sequined bodysuits, the smooth moonwalker with the slithering dance moves that oozed sex appeal, had died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50.

Rest in peace, MJ. You will forever live in our hearts.


Asthma Inhaler said...

I am running a Michael Jackson Party and I would like some ideas for which of his songs were the most popular in Australia and fan favourites. I've checked out Wikipedia and got the chart history, but sometimes songs are popular without being a single

Any tips from MJ fans or music buffs would be great


veinna12 said...

I’m saddened by Michael Jackson’s death. Being 35 years old, he played a significant roll in influencing my music listening habits as he did for many other people. He set a standard of performance that all musicians aspire to (and we will continue to do so). Our hearts go out to all of those closer to him. Thanks for the funky tunes Michael, wherever you are now.

veinna12 said...

Michael Jackson was best pop rocker dancing star:-)

outdoor furniture said...

Michal Jackson was the greatest Star of music world. His song "DANGEROUS" is still my fevt. song and also our gang theme.

Michael Jackson Lyrics said...

RIP Michael Jackson. It's over a year now, and I still feel sad at the thought that one of the greatest artists in the world has left us so early. My hat of to you sir, and I wish you eternal love and peace. :-)