Oct 11, 2009


Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, the talented dual of Indie Rock group "PomplamooseMusic" performed this brilliant cover of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.

Her's another cover brilliantly done and dedicated to Nataly's dad's birthday. SEPTEMBER!!! by Earth Wind and Fire.

For more performance, visit their Youtube channel


Frank @ Teaching Jobs said...

Thanks for the post - I consider myself a bit of an indie music guru, but have never even heard of PomplamooseMusic

Extra Long Ties said...

They're very talented ! I'll watch them on their youtube channels !

Car Rental Deals In Sydney said...

I wanna to catch them on youtube channels. Thanks for this videos. I like these very much.

Private Emailing Services said...

wow this is very good music...I am thankful to PomplamooseMusic for giving such a nice music and to u too for sharing this here...keep it up.

houses for sale by owner said...

thanks for the video. i really like it.