Mar 2, 2010

Facebook Infograpghic

There is no question which is the biggest social networking site in the world. Now in its 6th year, Facebook has garnered 400 million active users!

Pingdom had put together an infographic (click it ot enlarge) which depict Facebook's amazing growth. Enjoy!

[via pingdom]


kitchenaid toaster oven parts said...

This is a huge growth for facebook.

gallery802 said...

A major networking site, I enjoy fully through the network.

Carla | UPrinting said...

Facebook has ruled the world! I bet that almost everyone has it's account on FB. I like the way how people are trying to communicate to people from different parts of the world. Facebook had also proven that they are not the only best social networking site but also the best place to look for products that you want. Studies also shows that Facebook beaten Google twice already.

Mel Lifshitz said...

can't help but wonder what's the next big thing after Facebook? and in what category would this new innovation will come from. The internet is getting more exciting nowadays.