Jul 2, 2010

How Google Search Works

It's amazing how much processes went on behind the scene once you hit enter for your Google searches, and all these are done in less than a second! Simply amazing!

How Does Google Work?

Infographic by PPC Blog


Aaron said...

That's crazy when you actually see all that goes into spidering and ranking. Great job putting it all into perspective :)

application development said...

Wow, that`s just amazing! I`m seeing the full scheme of Google`s work for the first time. Those who created it have done really great job! It took me a while just to read it all properly and systematize for myself.
Thank you very much for providing this scheme in your blog!

luxury cottages uk said...

great piece of work, it took me a while to make sense to it.

Bryan said...

Wow, that really shows the level of detail and the amount of considerations that Google has to make to deliver the high quality of results to people. Will only increase in complexity too!

henrey said...

Nice work though it took me a minute to figure it.

Web Development said...

Very nice explanation of how Google search works. I like how you put the chart. Also Google is working continuously to improve the speed of displaying search results. Auto suggest feature is also one of the main factors to improve speed.