Mar 10, 2008

Create Your Own Mini Games

Have you always wanted to create your own game but thought it's an impossible task as you lack the necessary programming skills and creative geniuses? I am a programming idiot but with the help of Pictogame, I've "created" a mini-game featuring myself, and thus fulfilling my dream of having a game I can call my own!

Please take a moment to enjoy this Mouse-cle Building game.

Pictogame allows users to express themselves and to communicate with their audiences with its super-simple, super-social and super-customizable interactive widgets. Create mini games starring your own characters with 3 simple clicks of the mouse!It is an easy, free and fun service empowering everyone to become the game creators of tomorrow.


plumbing supplies said...

lol i had a good laff when that 1 chick pops up, and then the 2nd. i wonder how many chicks there are hidden in that game -_-

Matt Saunders said...

I tell ya - it won't be long before Flash developers are out of business! lol

Nintendo NDS Games said...

I would certainly check out this pictogame thing. Thanks! :)

Ron said...

Good idea in creating a game. It seems entertaining and lots of fun. I think I want to create pictogame myself too.

edyzone said...

Good ideaa... ;-D