Mar 23, 2008

Life Is Good

Tired of waiting for the coveted iPhone which never seems to be coming to our shores (the market here is too small to be on Apple's marketing radar), and not willing to part my money for made-in-China clones, I thought the next best thing for me to get is the new and very sexy LG KS20 touch-screen PDA phone.

Here are some pics taken to show off this sexy little beast!

The minimalist stylish design is just shouting out for you to touch it, caress it, and own it! It comes with a 2.8" 256K TFT Touchscreen and runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

It measure 99.8 x 58 x 12.8mm and weighs a mere 92g with battery attached. Here is a side profile to show you how thin it is. I haven't even peel off the green colored factory seal on the side.

The only gripe one could complain about this sleek number is that the glossy finish is definitely a finger print magnet!

Yes, this looks better. Not a task a wet tissue paper can't deal with.

I'm just showing off some first impression pics and is not trying to do a product review. For more details of the of phone and its technical specification, visit LG mobile homepage.


Michael said...

It's definitely a nice looking phone, but I haven't had the best of luck with LG products lately. I personally can't live without a physical QWERTY keyboard.

BetShopBoy said...

This is the first time I'm using a PDA phone and also a LG phone. A virtual QWERTY keyboard is available for emails & text messaging.

skip said...

i supposed this is a good substiture for iPhone. this is really nice!

Apuestas said...

Life is not only good but sometime wonderful.

erp said...

agree agree ! the phone luks absoulutely nice !!! btw , issit available only in black colour ?

erp said...

still want an iphone... nothing can compare to it

rich said...

Nice but not a patch on the iphone.
Pity you can't get them in your neck of the woods.


erp said...

life's sure gOod if u got a new baby like that, huh~

i am lOoking foward for a new doPod.

cAnt wait! cant wait!

Car Battery Chargers said...

I think this one of the cool ipod.

Gadget Mania said...

Technically, the whole fancy behind the iPhone is because of its features and because of the Apple brand.

I still think the LG and Samsung touch are a lot better than the iPhone!

PDA is smartphone said...

Looks nice, but not sexy one,,, i think

PDA is smartphone said...

Looks nice, but not sexy one,,, i think