Apr 7, 2008

Mini Contest Worth $100

The Juggler over at The WWW Observer is juggling a mini contest in April giving away $100 cold hard cash (via PayPal) to a lucky winner. He called it a mini contest because he is preparing a bigger and better contest coming up in May and he wants to get word out early.

By dangling this $100 “carrot” in this mini contest, he has set the bar high for the bigger contest as far as the values of prizes are concern. I’m sure many people (including myself) will be waiting in great anticipation for the announcement of the bigger contest.

In the meantime, let me show you how to enter this April contest first. There are 2 options to earn entry into this contest:

1. Blog about this mini contest (linking to the contest post) and tell your reader about his upcoming bigger contest happening in May (like I did above); or

2. Subscribe to The WWW Observer RSS feed via email.

If you do both (blogging about the contest and subscribing), you’ll get three entries. That’s one bonus entry for you. Only one blog post per person will be allowed. Closing date for this contest is on 20 April and the winner will be announced on 21 April.


real estate gurus said...

Nothing to lose if you join the contest. Good luck!

vidya said...

join the contest..u may come out in flying colors..good luck

Dayo said...

I am too late for this one. When is the may contest begin?

slim said...

Nothing to lose if you join the contest. Good luck!