Apr 9, 2008

Xbox360 Elite plus a copy of GTA4 Giveaway Contest

The latest contest to come out of the barnyard this April is an Xbox360 Elite plus a copy of GTA4 giveaway contest. This sweet prize bundle is sponsored by Top Hosting Center which is the new web host of John Cow dot com.

The Xbox360 is the console of choice for the famous cow, look up on XBOX Live with gamertag JohnCowdotCom if you want to engage in a virtual duel with the cow. Over at the barnyard, you can expect nothing but the best. Best fresh milk served daily, best blog name, best prizes offered in contest.

Let’s get back to the contest proper and see how we can enter. The winner will be picked via a lottery and you can choose how many tickets that you have in the draw! The more tickets that you have, the greater chance of winning! Here’s how to get your tickets:

250 tickets - Write a 100 words (minimum) post about this contest on your blog, making sure you linkback to the prize sponsor and to the contest post so your readers can find it.

250 tickets - Become an affiliate with THC for free and put up one of their banners on your blog. Affiliates earn 50% commission with each sales made and with a few sales, you can get your own Xbox360.

25 tickets - Every comment you leave on another blog’s latest post about this contest will get you 25 tickets, as will leaving this link in a new forum thread somewhere, or when you mass message your myspace or facebook friends. Perhaps even use Twitter to let all your followers know.

25 tickets – Subscribe to JohnCow RSS feed and THC’s blog feed.

The contest will run until the 30th of April, good luck folks!


Reptilius said...

First comment here. Its a good competiton. I'd love to win this one, but good luck to you too!

xbox 360 said...

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