Jun 28, 2008

Jonathan Volk Contest

Jonathan Volk is running a contest on his blog with prizes sponsored by Market Leverage. This contest is going to be a point based and many / most of the entries are easy to earn. This point based contest is not the traditional most points wins type contest. Therefore, the more points you have the more entries you get into a drawing and the higher chances of you winning those cool prizes.

There are so many different ways to accumulate points, for the complete list, please check out the contest post.

Jonathan has decided that there will be 3 winners in this awesome contest:

· 1st Place - $200 Amex Gift Card AND Flip Video Camera!
· 2nd Place - Ipod Touch!
· 3rd Place - Market Leverage USB Flash Drive Pen

The contest ends on Monday, 30th June. After which you have a few days to tabulate and submit the points to Jonathan so that the winners can be drawn! Submit the points via EMAIL to jon (AT)

As one of the method to earn points is to create a video about affiliate marketing and post it on Youtube. I've make a video and share it with you below.