Feb 14, 2009

Keeping Romance Affordable

In the present global financial crisis, cutting cost has become a way of life, not only for corporations and the rich, but more so for working class people like us. But cutting cost doesn't mean cutting corner in romancing your other half on this Valentines day. All the more, you need to woo in style during a downturn to keep the spirit up and the flame of love burning bright.

What you need is to put in some thoughts and a little more DIY effort in creating a fun and memorable Valentines day for the two of you. Enjoy the simpler things in life, and count your blessing you have each other for companionship.

Here are some suggestions how you can celebrate Valentines day on the cheap:

Drop by the library

In the air-conditioning comfort of either the central or the neighborhood library, you can browse the shelves for your favourite reads, or book the audio visual facility to watch a documentary or listen to some good music together. At some libraries, there might be some free events like talks and concerts going on.

Cook at home
With a cookbook borrowed from the library, pick a recipe, shop for the ingredients and prepare a meal together. Not all of us are born great cooks, but cooking is great bonding for couples and if the food turns out great, that will be a bonus!

Go for a walk
A walk in the park, the botanical garden or by the beach will be great, window-shopping in shopping mall will be no-no. Enjoying the greenery or the sea breeze is free, and you get some exercise done.Have a picnic
This is an extension of the walk in the park or botanical garden. Before you head to the park, detour to the supermarket and pick up your picnic basket. Better still, choose a venue with free outdoor concerts or dance performances.

Shop at garage sales
Go bargain hunting at garage sales. To up the fun quotient, choose a theme, e.g. pirates, and fashion each other in that style.

Tough times call for tough measures and there is no rules cast in stone that says only the biggest diamond gift or the glitziest dinner date will be able to proclaim your undying love for each other. The important thing is to show our love and appreciation for each other in good and bad times, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.


Limoeg said...

Great article.Thanks for the ideas.

Roger said...

I like your tips on this subject - me and my girfriend also had a money-saving Valentine's day. We set each other a low spending limit and still both came up with some great presents for each other.

Keith said...

Great article, I wish I would have come across it before Valentine's Day!