Sep 13, 2007

What's The Spin On Your Skin?

The planet is a huge place populated by human races with diverse backgrounds and cultures. What visually sets the different races apart is our skin colors. Europeans tend to have olive tone skin, Africans have very dark skin and Asians have yellowish skin color. Genetics does have its opinion on how we look, but one thing that transcends races and cultures is a common human trait to look good. Since the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is important we practice good skincare. The ORIKI name is derive from: ORI – weaving and KI – life energy. Hence, ORIKI equates “Weaving Life Energy into your skin”. ORIKI is dedicated to “The Beauty of Skin Science and The Science of Skin Beauty” for AMO skin.

If you're born with pigmented skin, it's important to find the right skin care formulation, with the proper ingredients. ORIKI Cosmeceuticals have developed products specifically for those with Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive (AMO) skin types.

With more than 8,000 cosmetic products introduced each year, it's important for those with AMO skin tones to match the right products with the right skin types to avoid unnecessary side effects. Designed by an American Board Certified Dermatologist and Biochemist, ORIKI Cosmeceuticals incorporates the pigmentation factor into the formulation of its skincare line.

Asian, Mediterranean, and Olive (AMO) skin types are more pigmented. The more pigmentation, the darker the skin color and the more likely it is to darken further after a minor injury or acne breakout. AMO skin behaves differently than fair skin due to this sensitivity of the pigment cells. Although AMO skin is more protected against the sun, it is not exempt from the ravages of sun damage. Sun exposure may worsen certain common facial pigmentation such as dark patches and dark spots.

Because AMO skin is very delicate, it is imperative to use any formulation with hypoallergenic ingredients and avoid hydroquinone. The key to obtaining good results lies in choosing safe, yet effective ingredients. Some products can cause serious redness and other adverse events that can be minimized with gentler products.


Scott said...

I haven't heard ORIKI before, nor their products. But anyway, I agree that cosmetic products should be use based on the skin color. Best yet, look for products that are hypoallergenic.

Josephine the acne dude said...

Different races means different color and skin texture. But regardless of the color, we all agree that we need to take good care of our skin. ORIKI products might be a good try.