Sep 4, 2007

Smells Like Scam Spirits

One of the contest I entered last week was concluded and the winner randomly drawn. For the winner, it was a less than happy revelation, if not a frustrating one! John Cow was drawn as the winner, unfortunately, he was informed that the iPhone cannot be given away as the contest did not reach its targeted entries of 30.

John Cow entered the iPhone contest in July, then 3 weeks into the contest, the rules got slightly changed and a minimum of 30 entries were needed for the iPhone to be given away. Anything under 30 entries and the winner would just get $100 instead.

Put yourself in the cow's shoes (or whatever footwear cows put on) and imagine how frustrating that can be! He said he felt let down by this less than favourable decision to pull the rug out of the winner's feet. He was still being nice with his words, I say "feeling cheated" would be more appropriate for this sorry episode. While the big beef is fuming mad, his herd is having a field day condemning this iPhoney contest. Does this smell of a familiar scam, which kind of remind us of a recent con-job-contest?


Roberta said...

This is the worst thing ever. I don't understand how people don't care about their online credibility....

BetShopBoy said...

The funny part is, the dude chose to keep something which he can't even use, over his credibility - or whatever little he had to start with.