Aug 31, 2007

If In Doubt, Ask Rea Maor

Internet GEEK Rea Maor claimed to own a great many unknown websites which are black-listed by Google for no apparent reason. In my opinion, it could probably be due to his plans for Internet dominance, which puts him in direct confrontation with Google's own ambitions. His only known sites which is not black listed by Google (it is still displaying Adsense ads) is AskReaMaor dot com.

Mr Maor was recently given an Apple iPhone by his online friend(can you introduce such kind of friend to me?) but he couldn't get network support for it from where he is situated, which is like 7000 miles away from any AT&T relay station in the US of A! Hence, he is going to give it away in a no-holds-barred contest in the form of a lottery draw.

To enter, write a small paragraph, no less than 100 words long, about his blog AskReaMaor dot com with relevant links stated in his contest page. You must also link to any post you especially liked, for me that will be iPhone death - sooner than predicted. To earn bonus entries for the raffle, the usual Stumble it or submit the contest post to Social Networking sites action applies. If you have other creative ways, surprise Mr Maor, he might award you with bonus tickets.