Aug 9, 2007

Review of

I have often promote the idea of submitting your posts to social book marking sites or article directories to create exposure and attract traffic to your blog. I have just found a new website which allow us to do that and many more useful features. is a website that offers interesting news articles, websites, videos, photographs, and other links from around the web. Everything on the site is posted by Thoof readers, and can also be improved and edited by those same readers. What makes Thoof unique is a sophisticated algorithm which discovers a reader's interests and tailors the stories to each reader's individual tastes. Every Thoof reader will see a personalized page with stories he or she will find interesting. All that you, as a reader, have to do is simply read what you like, and Thoof takes care of the rest! In short, Thoof is a smart site which has the capability to customize to your reading interest and feed you with personalized news. Isn't it great?

I was immediately sold to this revolutionary feature and signed up as a member without any hesitation. Registration was really a breeze, it was completed in under 60 seconds! You just provide a valid email address and will receive a welcome email from Thoof in your inbox. You have to click on the link to validate your email and continue the registration process, you enter a password, and then choose a user ID, and you are done! Simple as that!

Next, I submitted one of my post with ease too. I click on the submit story tag, enter the post url, post title, a short summary of the post and type in at least 2 tags to describe the categories that my story falls into.

Then I click on submit story button and was given a HTML code of a ThoofRank button, simply cut and paste this HTML code into the blog entry or web page story that you are submitting and you are done! You can return to the main menu and your submitted post will be on the front page! Expose to the thousands of readers who can read it and thus attract them to visit your blog.


Jack said...

I read your article and stopped by It's a pretty interesting site that offers some cool resources.

Scary Stories said...

Good post. I must check out this site and see if I should join it. Interesting article. Thanks

Car Titans said...

I think the personalized page system is going to become more and more important on Web 2. It's like tuning cars, everyone wants a personalized and unique item.

Web Conferencing said...

Great review for thoof. It is full of useful resources that will benefit your readers. Thanks!

Rob said...

Thanks for this article. will now be on my list. Actually I'm a bookworm who wants to read and read more. This will affect my conflict of interest on reading. Thanks for this article. Keep up the good work.