Aug 4, 2007

Lucky 7s Contest Winners

OK folks, the random draw had been conducted and winners picked, it's time to announce the winners of the Lucky 7s contest and give a complete closure to this exercise.

My heartfelt thanks to all who participated and those who took the trouble to give a shout-out to the contest. My heartiest congrats to all winners!

OK, the 6 consolation prizes of $7 each goes to:

Aldwin Ho - Struggling Blogger Ramblings

Ruchir - WebScape

Enkay - Enkay Blog

Alvarado - The Ice Dragon Project

Miriguy - Dirty Little Secrets

Matt Huggings - Entrepreneurial Blog

And the top prize winner of $77 is (drum roll please.......):

RamKarthik - Daily Tech News

All winners will be contacted to confirm your PayPal address in order for payment to be processed.


Chee Kui said...

Thanks a lot for the prize, I really appreciate it ;)

Ramkarthik said...

Hey Betshop Boy, thanks a lot for the prize. It will be very useful for me to get a domain and hosting. Thanks once again.

Huggie said...

I just checked my PayPal account and saw the prize winnings in there. Thanks for running this contest, Betshopboy!

ice dragon said...

Thanks for running the contest, hope that you learned a couple of things, when we run a contest we be glad to have you subscribe . . .

Leyte├▒o said...

wow! i wish i won too. i participated contestn like this so many times but i just couldn't win even just once.


RKC said...

Nice contest. Thanks for running it and I am looking forward for any future ones...

kirbitz said...

Congratulations to the winners of BethopBoy's Lucky 7!

How are you doing my friend?. Its been a while since i visited your blog. For some reason, the contents dont show up. I tried it 3 times this week. This is the first time i got connected.

Well, keep it up betshopboy! Youre doing pretty well, AS ALWAYS. ;)