Aug 3, 2007

Search Engine Marketing Blog

Search Engine Marketing is a blog created by Darin Carter to help educate the public on search marketing techniques. Darin had over 9 years of internet marketing experience and now controls an annual marketing budget of 4 millions at his current marketing post with an online company. That is certainly online credibility you can count on!

In one of Darin’s many useful post, “How to Escape Google’s Supplemental Index”, he shared 5 tips on how to get out of the Google hell. In those 5 tips, Darin talked about writing unique content, link building your way via more trusted links to gain “overall link weight”, deep linking into earlier posts and previous internal pages. All the points are rather self-explanatory except point 2 where I do have some problem understand.

Having been involved with internet for over 9 years, online terminologies may appear as second nature to Darin, but for someone like me whose work does not involve IT or internet, it is not as easy as it seems.

In point 2, Darin advised to “give each page a unique META DESCRIPTION”. I don’t know about you, but I do not know what a meta description or meta tag is. Are these two terms similar? And how does one give “meta description” to a page? I would also like to know how giving a meta description will help the blog to escape the supplemental sandbox.

Perhaps Drain’s articles are meant to help those who are already well-versed or at least understood some basic terminologies of SEO. Otherwise, for newbie like me, I will appreciate if Darin can come down to our “level” to touch base with us.

Darin is currently running a free Nintendo Wii promotion, to enter, just write a post about the most valuable information you have learned from his blog and also mention about the contest. In return, Darin will link back to you with your preferred anchor text (except Search Marketing). It’s a pity he did not clearly indicate the contest closing date as well as how the winner will be selected.