Aug 30, 2007

Win $100 from a Gentleman

A kind and generous Gentleman over at whassupjack dot com is holding a contest where a lucky winner can walk away with $100 cold hard cash! To be exact, the blog owner's name is Mike Gentleman who started whassupjack dot com for fun and also as a filter site for hot search topics. Mike run the blog in his spare time, when he is not trading stocks and futures in the finacial markets.

The $100 prize money represents good value as it is an easy contest to enter. You earn entries by subscribing to his RSS feed, commenting on his posts and/or blog about it. You can choose to enter through any of the 3 methods, or like Mr Gentleman said, the smart ones will do all 3 and earn 5 entries. The contest ends 31 Aug and winner will be drawn on 1st Sept, so hurry and submit your entries.


michael said...

thanks. you are in the contest. good luck.

Steve said...

Great contest, thanks for sharing the information.