Aug 14, 2007

I Really Want to Win a Free iPhone!

The internet marketing guru Mr Gary Lee is giving away a brand new 8GB Apple iPhone to generate some buzz around his blog and also get quality backlinks from high PR sites. Yes you heard right, he is really giving away a free iphone!

He also wants to promote his work-in-progress project about golf equipment as well as another online shopping site which he had been working with Ms Danielle. Go shop at and get your online coupon code and save some money!

While many people camped outside Apple stores for days just to be the first in line to get the iPhone on launch day, Gary cruise by the short queue at his local Apple store and got himself two 8gb iPhone instead of one which was originally intended.

This ultra cool and sleek iphone will not be launch in local market here till sometime next year, so imagine if I can get lucky in this contest and win the iphone, it would be something special. Even though I don’t think I will be able to use the iphone with local telcos due to phone lock, I’m sure it will come in really useful as a babe’s magnet and ice-breaker anywhere I whip it out!


CASH for COMMENTS said...

How about a my free 24" LCD monitor

Steven said...

Too bad they don't work in Canada!!

Nice blog!!!


I will link you

BetShopBoy said...

It doesn't work here too, for now. But it won't stop me from wanting to lay my hands on that "drool-icious" iconic sleek gadget.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Wow! A free phone! AND IT's an iPhone to boot! I WANT ONE!

By the way, I've submitted an entry to a local contest - 2007 Wika Project. It focuses on Filipino as our national language. If you have time, please vote for my article (if you like the piece, of course).

The URL is at

Much thanks!

muneer said...

oh!!wow!wow!wow!a free phone!!!
apple iphone!!!!!!!!
i want it right now!
I am an indian and ithink iphone is ready to use in india!!
iwant it,i want it!!!!!!!!!!

Free iPhone 3G said...

Nice, Just got my new iPhone 3G its amazing!

Golf Courses said...

Its really amazin to get free apple iphone. But you got your phone by doing hard work to create high pr back links and promote business. Great work!

sam said...

Thanks for sharing this post.