Nov 11, 2007

Get Paid Blogging

Blogging, which started off some ten years ago as an online diary, has gone a step further these days by turning into a source of income for most people. Who ever thought that sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas, typing and creating articles each day can actually replace or supplement the income of a 9-to-5 job.

As blogging become more mainstream these days, it’s no wonder that advertisers are casting their collective appraising eye to advertise on blogs in extremely high numbers. If you have a blog, it has never been a better time to put it to good use and make sure you grab these available opportunities to get paid for blogging. There are a lot of companies that pay you for writing reviews on products, services or websites.

Smorty is one such paid review company, which acts as a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Make money from your blog by writing opinion articles about available advertiser campaigns. Recently Smorty started its referral program where you earn 5% commission of the total payments made to your referred blogger by Smorty. This is ongoing, so you will earn commission for the life of your referred blogger. The payments will only be paid if your referred bloggers post was approved.

Simply sign up for your free account, submit your blog for approval. You can place image or text banners in your blog to build your network. Any new bloggers which click through these banners, sign up to Smorty and actively write posts for campaigns, will earn you a commission of their blogger payment.

Sign up for Smorty.

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Gerri said...

Smorty had been working well for me but once Google started targeting blogs with anything PPP things changed. Or, maybe it is because they just dont have as many opportunities these days. How have you found them of late?