Nov 2, 2007

Shopping - Gotta Do It

To many of us, shopping is a recreational activity. To some, shopping is a task of inconvenience and it feel more like a chore to them. And some are shopoholics who just can't get enough of shopping. These are the people who need the "shopping fix" constantly and who take retail-therapy a tad too seriously.

Shoppers sometimes are early adopters, they are willing to pay premium price to buy the latest products before it goes mainstream. Sometimes buyers feel ripoff-ed by exorbitant prices charged by rogue merchants. Other times shoppers get caught up in a scam.

So how are your shopping experience like? Take the below shopping survey to find out!


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Swarovski flatback rhinestones said...

The only items that I find I still go out to buy from a physical store is things like clothing and shoes where I’d rather know that they actually fit correctly, other than that there isn’t a great deal else I buy from the high street that I could actually buy online.