Feb 15, 2008

Anti Valentine's Day Cards

To many lovebirds, Valentine's day may be the sweetest and most important day of the entire year. But to many singles, divorced and those cheated out of love, V-Day is a day they got singled out and made to feel ostracized.

Below are some anti V-Day cards presented by Zwinky which will come in handy for the broken-hearted.


Stock Market For Beginners said...

Nice, we definitely need some anti valentines day cards.

Kyle said...

Ouch. I can understand people don't like V-day, but this is so negative. Just ignore the holiday and don't go out to eat dinner. That's what I usually do when I don't have a significant other.

Mario Rossi said...

hahaha i made so much money spamming zwinky offers on myspace last year. i love that site. these cards are funny. too bad you cant order them outright and in print

Hairx said...

Hmmm nice. :)