Feb 16, 2008

F1 Ticketing Fiasco

It was supposed to be a momentous occasion, one with historic significance for Formula 1 fans all over the world and especially so for local F1 fans who will be witnessing super fast racing machines zooming past up to speed of 300km/hr at their own backyard for the first time.

Singapore will be hosting the first night street race in the history of Formula 1 racing but this upcoming event met its first hurdle when ticket sale which started on 14 Feb had fans in Singapore and abroad crying foul.

The computer sales system crashed on Thursday just moments after tickets went on sale at 9am. Ticket sales ground to a halt at counters, over the phone and online, leaving fans both local and abroad fuming.

This ticketing fiasco led race organizer Singapore GP to place full-page advertisements in the local newspapers apologizing to F1 fans who have been affected by the stuttering ticketing system.


Warhammer Online said...

Sad to see such troubles with the GP.