Oct 30, 2007

California Calling

Recently California has been in the news for an unfortunate reason – a wildfire that spread like, well, wildfire which destroyed homes and livelihoods of many Californians.

In the midst of all the smoky gloom and ashen doom, emerged a silver lining in the form of a new blog that talks about California, for all the good reasons.

In fact, it is Everything You Want To Know about California And More! This new blog was started by a California native named Jeff Irvin who resides in Long Beach, CA. Jeff had lived in California his whole life and want to spread the good words (and not so good) of California and the surrounding states, from the perspective of a California native.

As the blog title suggests, it is about all things Californian. For the month of October, Jeff is doing a special feature on his blog called Haunted Places In California, and he had posted some interesting write-ups which were accompanied by images of the mentioned places. Do you know that Disney Land is HAUNTED? Yes, the happiest place on Earth wasn’t spared the spooky stuffs and Jeff brings you the story! Be sure to check out the post if you're planning a vacation to ANY Disney theme park anytime soon.

Jeff is holding a blog review competition where the blog with the best review posted by November 1 2007 will get $50 Dollars by paypal! It is a nice and simple contest, so go check out the contest rules.

God bless all Californians and Happy Halloween!


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It is really a sad news.A wildland fire started by lightening is a natural disaster. A fire started directly (arson) or indirectly (downed power line) by man is technically not a naturally caused disaster.