Oct 5, 2007

What Lights Do You Use In Your Garage?

The garage is not only a place where people store or park their vehicles; it has become a general-purpose workshop to many people. If you plan to use your garage as your workshop as well as a storage area for your vehicle, you had better ensure it is fitted with proper garage lighting for safety purposes.

Garages usually don't have many windows, if any at all. If you want to do anything in the garage, you need a lot of light or else you just feel like you're in a dark dungeon. It's best to put up many lights in your garage and have them grouped on different switches. This way if you're just going into the garage quickly, you can turn on enough light to see without having to turn on the whole garage. And if you're working in the garage, you have the option to turn on all the lights so that you can work in an environment that's user friendly.

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Muscle Car Tees said...

Good lighting in the garage is not just for safety but if you're like me and work on cars in the garage then your need the best lights to see what you're doing. Not to mention to be able to find the wrench you just dropped into the engine compartment!