Oct 24, 2007

The Entertainment Adventure Capital of The World

The year-end school holidays are approaching soon and it’s the time of the year where the whole family gets together for an oversea leisure trip. What better way to celebrate schools out than to bring the children to an amusement park to reward them for a year’s hard work in school.

One of our top choice for our holiday destination is Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, which is Britain's No. 1 Resort Theme Park. With accolade such as “The Entertainment Adventure Capital of The World”, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool has some of the UK's and the worlds best rides as voted for by visitors. The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Big Dipper, are all renowned worldwide and attract of 6 million visitors each year.

There's plenty to do at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, with over 125 rides and attractions and spectacular shows. Take a thrilling ride on the Pepsi Max Big One, turn your world upside down & get ready to do it again on the Revolution or experience the classic twin tracked coaster the Grand National. Such American style Amusement Parks not only are the favorite playgrounds of all children, it will surely make adults feel like children all over again.


desi , hindi said...

Entertainment is needed for refreshment of mind. Thank you!

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It is really interesting. You have done a wonderful job! Many many thanks.

Relationship Forum said...

Adventure is always a great thing if we have intention to learn something from it. You really did a wonderful job!

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